Pay Rent

Friends of Mend

Friends of MEND, Inc. is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation that is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 organization.  The organization was incorporated in 2003 for the exclusive purpose of supporting MEND’s affordable housing mission by helping MEND obtain charitable contributions.  In 2005, Friends of MEND, Inc. started an Endowment Fund for the long-term benefit of MEND.  The strategy is to build an investment fund whose principal will remain intact and whose earnings will eventually be available to help defray MEND’s expenses.  Friends of MEND, Inc. is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of local citizens who volunteer their time and expertise.  The MEND, Inc. Board of Trustees appoints the Friends of MEND, Inc. Board of Trustees every year in January.

Board of Trustees

  • Stephanie Blackwell
    MEND, Inc. Director of Corporate Administration
  • Dan Caldwell
  • David Duffy
    Global Glass Equipment Engineering
  • Mary Eni
    Community Citizen
  • Deborah Flick
    Community Citizen
  • Jon Greer
    Community Citizen
  • Terrance Huettl
    Whitesell Construction Co.
  • Bob Kennedy
    Insperity, Inc.
  • Keith Langan
    Surety Title Company
  • Tony Mahon
    Marsh McLennan Agency, LLC
  • Mike Wilkinson
    M Wilkinson Construction Company
  • Eileen Wirth
    MEND, Inc. President/CEO
  • President – David Duffy
  • Vice President – Deborah Flick
  • Treasurer  – Eileen Wirth
  • Secretary – Stephanie Blackwell