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50th Anniversary FAQ

What does “MEND” stand for?
“Moorestown Ecumenical Neighborhood Development, Inc.”

What does the “Ecumenical” mean and why is it part of the MEND name?
“Ecumenical” means representing the whole of a group of churches. It indicates that MEND was founded by nine Moorestown churches.

Are MEND’s nine founding churches still involved with the organization?
Yes, each founding church annually appoints a representative to serve on the MEND Board of Trustees.

Do MEND’s tenants participate in the governance of the organization?
Yes, five MEND residents serve on the 15-member Board of Trustees.

How many people does MEND employ?
MEND currently employs 18 affordable housing professionals who work on the development, management and maintenance of our housing portfolio.

Why is MEND’s 50th Anniversary in 2019 such an important landmark event?
MEND was a pioneer in the advocacy and development of affordable rental housing. We actually began our affordable housing mission a six years before the New Jersey Supreme Court issued its nationally famous “Mount Laurel I” decision in 1975, ruling that municipal zoning ordinances that make it physically and economically impossible to provide low- and moderate-income housing are unconstitutional in NJ.

It’s significant that we are celebrating a half-century, because many nonprofit organizations never make it to their 50th Anniversary, due to the multitude of financial and organizational challenges faced by social service-oriented entities like MEND. And affordable rental housing development and management is a particularly complicated and difficult business.

After MEND’s founding in 1969, how long did it take for MEND to produce its first housing development?
MEND opened its first housing development in 1974 – a two-building, 18-apartment townhouse site on Beech Street in Moorestown.

How many apartment developments does MEND own and manage today?
Including MEND’s new senior citizen housing under construction in Cinnaminson, MEND has 771 apartment units with 30 locations in nine southern NJ towns. The Cinnaminson project will open in the Fall of 2019.

In what towns does MEND have affordable housing developments?
Burlington Township, Cinnaminson, Delanco, Deptford, Egg Harbor City, Evesham, Florence, Medford and Moorestown. And we are always looking to partner with new municipalities! We welcome housing development partnerships with towns that want to create attractive, award-winning rental housing for the region’s low/moderate income workforce and other underserved groups, including the elderly and the disabled.

Does MEND have any open units available now?
MEND maintains waiting lists for all apartments and fills apartment vacancies on a first-come, first-served basis. Approximately 30 days prior to an apartment unit becoming available, the next person on the waiting list is notified by telephone and/or postcard. Give us a call if you have any questions: (856) 722-7070, ext. 20.

But before you apply, please note: All qualified applicants must meet certain requirements to be eligible for occupancy in a MEND apartment. You can see those requirements here.

How can I support MEND?
It’s easy to support MEND’s affordable housing mission! All donations make a difference. Your gift will help many individuals and families keep or find a decent, safe and affordable place to call HOME.

You can make a general donation online here, or mail a check to MEND, Inc., P.O. Box 828, Moorestown, NJ 08057.

There are also many other ways to support MEND’s work – like supporting the MEND Scholarship for Rowan College at Burlington County, donations of real estate, and much more. Click here to learn more.

We thank you for your support!