Pay Rent

Building Blessings

With each new residence MEND builds, a blessing is born. For 50 years, MEND has been providing safe, affordable and fair housing with the hopes of supporting individuals who need an extra “hand-up.” For MEND, it’s about taking care of your neighbor.

Gloria Titus

Gloria Titus, 86, first witnessed MEND as a “friendly neighbor” back in the 70s.

“My mother had a friend who moved into one of housing units in Moorestown,” said Gloria. “It was affordable for her, and she had nothing but great things to say about it.”

Gloria’s own experience started from a newspaper ad nearly two decades later.

“I was living in Medford at the time, and my sons had offered for me to move in with them in Lancaster, Pa., but I knew I wanted to stay in Jersey.  I saw MEND’s ad for the Medford residences, and I knew this was the perfect opportunity.”

From there, it was a go. Gloria’s sons helped her move in on opening day during Labor Day Weekend. What could have been a daunting change turned out to be a comfortable transition.

“MEND has done a magnificent job over the years.  The staff is extremely accommodating and does a great job at making sure everything is clean and functional.”

Even though Gloria lives alone, the sense of community makes it feel like a full house.

“When you sit by yourself in your house, it can feel very depressing and lonely,” said Gloria. “The housing units here are all enclosed, which means there is always someone to see. I’ve made the best of friends since moving in.”  

MEND certainly makes it easy to socialize.

“We have a coffee hour and social hour where we all bring something to eat and enjoy. We’ll play cards, or sometimes someone from the county will come in and speak about programs available to us.”

MEND’s Medford senior housing also boasts a community room that residents can use for small parties and gatherings. For Gloria, the community center is a great space to have family over to visit – she needs the room with eight grandchildren and nine great grandchildren!

“My kids always remark how happy they are for me and how fortunate I am to have such a beautiful place to live that is financially affordable.”

For Gloria, the true impact of MEND is the helping hand they have extended not to her, but to the community.

“I’m glad MEND makes this opportunity available. They are doing what the Bible tells us to do and what they intended when they were founded by nine Moorestown churches long ago, which is to take care of each other. It’s truly a blessing to be here.”