Pay Rent

Application Process

General Program Eligibility and Application Requirements

PLEASE NOTE:  Each property location has their own move-in guidelines, requirements and fees therefore, you must contact the property that you are interested in for specific details.

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All qualified applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for occupancy in a MEND apartment:

  • MEND receives funding from a variety of government agencies and each of those agencies has its own guideline for income eligibility.  The annual income of the applying household must meet the applicable program guidelines attached to the property / unit.
  • Applicants must provide copies of social security cards and birth certificates for all family members.
  • All adult applicants must sign an Authorization for Release of Information form.
  • The unit for which the family is applying must be intended to be the sole residence of the household.
  • Apartment occupancy cannot exceed a maximum of 2 persons per bedroom.
  • Applicants must agree to pay the rent required by the funding or subsidy program under which the apartments are rented.
  • Only U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens who have eligible immigration status as determined by HUD may receive assistance under Section 8 programs. (Note: MEND has a very limited number of Section 8 subsidized apartments and the Waiting Lists for those apartments are currently closed.)
  • All information submitted by an applicant is subject to verification by relevant third parties, e.g., employers, banks, current and past landlords, government agencies, etc.
  • The various funding and subsidy programs may impose additional application requirements and occupancy restrictions.
To Determine Possible Eligibility

Applicants for MEND housing must complete an Application Package and hand-deliver the written application together with other documentation relating to family composition, employment status, income and other relevant matters to the address on the application. Applicants must also submit to background checks on credit history, landlord-tenant history and criminal records. The fee for this ranges from $0 to $40 per applicant depending on location.

Waiting Lists and Notification of Apartment Availability

MEND maintains waiting lists for all apartments and fills apartment vacancies on a first-come, first-served basis. Approximately 30 days prior to an apartment unit becoming available, the next person on the waiting list is notified by telephone and/or postcard. MEND staff will make an appointment for the applicant to visit the MEND office and view the available unit.

All applicants must be ready, willing and able to move when their name comes up on the waiting list. Applicants who are contacted by MEND about apartment availability may refuse the opportunity one-time only while still remaining on the waiting list. Upon a second refusal, the applicant’s name will be removed from the waiting list. All Section 8 applicants are not charged a processing fee.

Approval and Move-In

If you meet all of our criteria, we will approve your application and notify you that you have been approved for move-in.  All properties require a security deposit, typically one and one-half month’s rent,  that is due upon your notification of approval and will hold the apartment for you until your lease is signed and you move-in. Your first month’s rent will be due and payable on the day that you move-in.